Where to start a blog

Blogging could be a good way to flex your writing skills, express your creative thinking and really explore topics that you’re enthusiastic about. But where to start a blog?

They come in all shapes and sizes, from photography, craft, and interior style blogs, to promoting, business and inspirational blogs.

It’s estimated that somewhere within the world, a brand new blog is made each 1/2 second, adding to over 152,000,000 websites that each one have one thing significant to mention.

But where is the best place to start out a web blog when you’re a newbie to the blogosphere? everybody has her or his opinion on where the most effective platform to begin your new blog from is.

Usually, it’s a similar one that the majority bloggers use, however, there are plenty other alternative places out there that provide a base to begin your blog that you simply may not have heard of.

Where to start a blog

Today I’m planning to share 10 blogging platforms , where to begin a blog, and make cash that are worth looking for. Have a browse of every, look at their options and thoroughly explore the choices before you make up your mind.

List of free blog platforms

1 – WordPress 

2 – Squarespace 

3 – Blogger 

4 – Wix

5 – Dropplets 

6 – Svbtle 

7 – Ghost 

8 – Yola

9 – Postach.io

10 – Medium