Whats a blog

A blog is an online journal or kind of diary. It is easily maintained and updated, and the readers can quite often leave comments. The word weblog is the full form of blog. So whats a blog? Read on to get a better idea.

Whats a blog

The one who writes the posts (entries in the blog) is known as a blogger. Often a blog is build upon a topic that the blogger cares about, could be a hobby like “Ships in Bottles”, just to mention one.

If you want to find examples of blogs, or simply would like to read or follow one. Get on your favorite search engine, and type in blog+”the topic you would like to read about”

Talking about following a blog, while you can decide to visit the blog every day to check if there is new posts, many blogs offer RSS which stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. You will need a RSS reader to do this, but there are many free ones available, some people also integrate the RSS feed into their desktop through a widget

But if you are interesting in starting up a blog yourself, please read our post here Where to start a blog.

So whats a blog does have multiple components that you need to understand before it is clear, but it is actually not that complex, right?