Blogger theme

If you just want to start a blog quickly, then Blogger is a suitable platform for newbies, who just want to get started without any need for buying hosting and domain.

There is no complicated setup or configuration, it only takes a few minutes before you are ready to create your first blog entry!

Blogger theme

Google Blogger is free to use, and you can create a beautiful blogging website. But as often having blogged for a while, you will become interested in optimising and getting a really nice blogger theme.

Well actually there are many free ones that you can find, I have included a link for one page that has a collection of free blogger templates, please see below.


We will update the content soon to also include links for the best premium blogger templates, in case you are interested in getting support and help for your theme.

If you are looking for other great places to start a blog, see our post here.